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4TH OCT 2018
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It was a brilliant evening ceremony held near where Sant Dnyaneshwara had taken his Samadhi. Hundreds of devout Warkaris were there playing the Pakhawaj (Indian musical instrument), Taal ( Clash Cymbals) and other musical instruments along the banks of the Mula Mutha river. Devotion is such a strong aspect of the Warkari sect that most of its members pick a musical instrument to perfect so as to express their devotion to God through songs. Numerous students, resplendent in their pink turbans and white Kurta Pyjamas were lining the great red carper through which the esteemed guests were to be led to the podium form where they could listen and enjoy the serene sounds of hundreds of Warkaris playing their instruments on the other side of the river bank. Meanwhile a commentary on the great life and times of Sant Dnyaneshwara was being narrated in a calm voice over the loudspeakers.

The guests eventually arrived from their long journey from the MIT Loni Campus and were enthusiastically greeted by the students and ushered to their viewing stations. Amongst the guests invited were Mrs Constance, Mr Don R Clarke, Dr Kalyan Gangwal, Dr Arun Nigavekar, Mr Richard Nelson, Prof Dr Vishwanath D Karad’s brother, Prof Darade Patil amongst others.  Soon enough Prof Dr Vishwanath D Karad himself arrived with Boddhicharan Das. They all took their place on the viewing area and were treated to a slight history of Sant Dnyaneshwara along with a commentary on the Gita as translated by the great Saint. The event ended with a serene rendering of a prayer dedicated to the great Saint and sung by his devoted followers.


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