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Shaping World Peace and Sustainable Development through Interfaith Harmony



The world is grappling with deeply interconnected crises, including violent conflicts, widening inequality, the ongoing climate crisis, and diminishing trust in global and local public institutions. These challenges demand new leadership that embraces an ethical and pragmatic vision, informed by both global and local insights, to ensure comprehensive engagement across sectors. In response to these urgent needs, the G20 Interfaith Forum, in collaboration with MIT-World Peace University and the Interfaith Alliance for Safer Communities, is organizing a G20 Interfaith Summit. These gatherings will identify the crucial issues for the 2023 agenda while reflecting on the G20 Interfaith Forum's journey since 2014 in engaging with global agendas through the G20 process. The summit will be held at the World Peace Dome in Pune, commencing with a reception on September 4th, followed by Forum sessions on September 5th and 6th. At the core of the summit lies a dedicated focus on the urgent calls to action from the world's most vulnerable communities. Notably, the summit will address the challenges faced by children, who have endured losses and new obstacles due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, as well as those confronted by inequalities and disruptions linked to climate change. Underpinning the entire event is the primary theme of fostering hope for a better future. The summit will bring together a distinguished group of leaders deeply engaged in the religious dimensions of global debates, ranging from socio-economic crises to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) agenda. The forum will emphasize tangible action steps that can be taken within the G20 process, highlighting the transformative power of interfaith collaboration.



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