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3RD OCT 2018
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Non-duality (advait)” as the philosophy of science, to realize the nature of the self through the universal equation  AUM ->  E = MC2

Dr Vijay P Bhatkar
The doctor states that there is a relationship between information and knowledge and its manifestation. He spoke about the Higgs boson particle and how Tukaram spoke of it years ago. He stated that physical reality is only beginning. He believes that current science and reality is Adhyaatm. That which analyzed and observes specifically the outside is science.

Dr Alex Hankey
Alex states that e=mc2 is the core of quantum physics. Everything is an expression of that equation within quantum physics. He believes that the work of Dnyaneshwara are greater and deal with the knower and the known and process of knowing. This is a process of Advaita. The Stanford research conducted in 1970 by Willis Harmon research group of futurology studied different philosophies for mankind future. Sanatan Dharma was the one that was the most useful for this process. Swami Vivekananda said we are all divine. Thus if we become godlike can we bring peace to all mankind. In fact, just 1%  of the population practising Transcendental Meditation is enough for everything to sort itself out.

Dr Deepak Ranade
Dr Deepak Ranade wanted to focus the talk on consciousness. He said that the big bang was validated by background cosmic radiation, but still, discrepancies remained. They were answered by Newer models which evolved. And now we are looking for the theory of everything. By peering back in time we get to see the Big Bang. And as Wheeler said there is no reality that cannot be observed. Thus who actually observed the big bang? Schrodinger said the reason is why percipient sentient ego is not met in world picture is because it itself is the world picture. Thus maybe all of this is a grand illusion.

Srinivas Varakhedi
He started his speech in English and then stated an Indian proverb which was that 'in this dome when I speak my speech comes back'. He wished to convey that we cannot describe in words the destination of Humanity. Even 70 years after our independence we can’t find Gandhi’s Ramrajya, but he did find it today in the dome. He says his western education separates science, religion and philosophy. to see them together we must again think eastern. Don’t divide the 3 things as only together can one achieve peace. He then stated that ‘Aham Brahma asmi’ is the belongingness which in itself is the Advaita. It is misunderstood. Basically Brahman does not belong to you, but you belong to Brahman.

Prof Joske Bunders
She was initially puzzled since she has a western education with little emphasis on spirituality. But she thinks it is important to bind science and philosophy together. She tried to do so by going to a village instead of delving deeper in physics or chemistry. Her job is getting innovation to disenfranchised people. Then she had two personal experiences that shook her to her core. The first was in the mountains with her family when she had an internal feeling which was extreme joy and happiness. Then she had an equally negative experience when she was criticized because of not being a very good boss. She tried to find answers in the Gita but could not understand it. After years she read interpretations and understood more of the Gita and finally had the answer she was looking for. The answer is introspection.

Dr Lahri Azad
The doctor stated that no religion or sect ever said they are giving the message for only a particular nation or people. Bulle Shah, Adi Shankaracharya, Nanak, Buddha all have said that knowledge is for all. He said that this is the message of the monument he finds himself in. He gave the example of Lord ram and Tulsidas in Chitrakoot to say where was duality when they both were together surpassing distances in time and space. Then why was the Gita only heard by Arjun when all were present on the battlefield. And finally, as Muhammad ascended to heaven, it was the explanation as guaranteed by Einstein’s energy-mass equivalence equation. Thus there is no duality...all as a singularity.

Swami Atma Priyanand
He said that Shanti is the watchword. Dukh is the opposite of Sukh where Sukh means Shanti. They can’t be separated from one another. Then the oneness of physical form is Einstein’s mass-energy equivalency equation. The oneness of mind is one connected to the cosmic mind as evident from the example of the internet. And just like a password is required to access the net, to access cosmic net we use a mantra. There is also a spiritual oneness that connects all, be them animate or inanimate with each other.


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