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2ND OCT 2018
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Need to promote the Gandhian philosophy of truth and non-violence to establish a peace-loving holistic global society

This session started after a short break and was presided over by Mr Arun Firodia, an industrialist and innovator of renown and repute. The topic was the need today to promote Gandhian thought in everyday life and to solve everyday problems. This was especially striking considering it was the 150th birth anniversary of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi when the session occurred.

Dr Radhakrishnan
Dr Radhakrishnan was an exemplary individual who was an absolute proponent of non-violence. He firmly believes that all problems can be handled by non-violence and the application of such a belief system to educate and uplift the Tribals and other marginalized members of our society. He states that this can be exported to help alleviate the suffering of all people on the planet.

Pravina Desai
Pravina Desai was a humble presence who claimed that her knowledge and following of Gandhi is the only reason why she is at the conference. She started by singing a hymn written about the virtues of non-violence and simplicity. She went on to elaborate on the finer points of Gandhian thought and how its implementation is a practical way to establish peace on one earth.

Dr Bernie Meyer
Dr Bernie Meyer came decked as Gandhi himself, something he does whenever he has to give a speech. He spoke of the two inspirational people he knew while he was practising to become a Catholic Priest. One was a priest and the other Gandhi. They both shared a simplicity which spoke to him and the thought of Gandhi when he sent he is as much a Hindu, a Jew, a Muslim, a Christian. This universal thought struck a chord with him and as he delved deeper into the teachings of Gandhi, he understood that the simplicity both his idols stood for along with their firm personal morality was the easy way to achieve universal harmony.

Ms Jan Saeed
Ms Jan Saeed came all the way from Utah after a journey of 30 hours and greeted everyone with a Namaskar. She is involved in charitable ventures in India and was motivated from an early age, back when she was staying in her homeland of Idaho, to be able to eradicate disparity for all people across the world. She was so moved by the conference and its purpose that she had to fight back tears at one point.

Dr Anil Gupta
Dr Anil Gupta is an activist with a can-do attitude. He believes in utilizing the Gandhian thoughts of self-sufficiency and honesty to create self-sustained communities that are not exploited by the masses and do not lose out their identity. He took us through a few of his anecdotes which made us understand if the breadth of this crusader for equality.

Dr Ved Pratap Vaidik
Dr Ved Pratap Vaidik was a very colourful character who spoke in Hindi, in deference to Gandhi’s hatred of the English language. He lauded the efforts of Prof Dr Vishwanath D Karad while stressing that he knew Prof Dr Vishwanath D Karad personally and he has the capacity of ten prime ministers of India, thus he should utilize that energy in actually going forth to achieve that peace. He quoted his own examples of how he knew the Mujahid ambassador of Afghanistan and the envoys of Pakistan during a particularly tense stage of Indian relations with them. He spoke of how he can help in Prof Dr Vishwanath D Karad vision of world peace as well.

Dr T Karunakaran
Dr T Karunakaran is a distinguished scientist who is working on economic and industrial models that utilize agriculture as their main support. He spoke only after his presentation worked for he wished to practically implement simple living and simple economic models for the upliftment of the people. Amongst all the speakers he was the least profound, but the most practical offering solutions that are being implemented not only by various NGO’s but even by state and central governments.

Mr Arun Firodia
Mr Arun Firodia concluded the event by stating that the requirement is to marry industrial and economic thought with Gandhian ideals of simplicity and honesty. If that can be achieved, as he believes it can, we can have a world of peace and harmony.


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