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MIT World Peace University, Pune to organize World Parliament

between October 2 and 5, 2018 at the Loni Kalbhor campus near Pune.

Parliament to focus on science, religion and philosophy

Pune, August 29, 2018 : MIT World Peace University, Pune is organising a World Parliament of Science, Religion and Philosophy at its Rajbaug campus at Loni Kalbhor. The conclave would begin on the 150th anniversary of Late Mahatma Gandhi which is on October 2, 2018 and will get over on October 5, 2018.

The conclave has been jointly organised by MIT World Peace University in association with World Peace Centre, Alandi, MAEER's MIT Pune and MIT ADT University.

The four day conclave will witness 9 Plenary sessions and they are as under -

Plenary Session 1 - Theme is Need to promote "Value based Universal Education system based on the appropriate understanding of the Role of science and spirituality, to minimize the chaos, confusion, terrorism and violence prevailing in the world.

Plenary Session 2 - Theme - Need to promote the Gandhian Philosophy of Truth and Non violence to establish peace loving holistic global society.

Plenary Session 3 - Theme - Religion and Religious scriptures of the World are true Life guiding scriptures / principles.

Plenary Session 4 - Theme - Need for sustainable development in promoting wellbeing of Mankind and World Peace.

Plenary Session 5 - Theme - Non duality as the Philosophy of Science, to realise the nature of the self through the universal equation AUM - E =MC2

Plenary Session 6 - Theme - Finding the Pathway to World Peace through the confluence of time-tested philosophies of various nations of the World.

Plenary Session 7 - Theme - Need to transform Universities / Colleges from Information and Date collection centers into the True Centers of scientifically oriented knowledge and wisdom.

Plenary Session 8 - Theme - Need to transform Pilgrim Centers of the world into Divine Knowledge centers of the world to minimize the ritualistic religious concepts of superstition and blind faith.

Plenary Session 9 - Theme - Nature of Mind, Matter, Spirit and Consciousness and the methods of Meditation like Yoga, Vipashyana, Pranayam, Namaz, Prayer, Chanting etc to develop positive thinking and mindset.

Plenary Session 10 - Theme - The Concept of God the Ultimate Truth / Reality as envisaged through Mother Nature / Entire Universe as propounded by Philosopher Saint Shri Dnyaneshwara.

Plenary Session - Student Session. Theme - Need to establish the concept of "World Government - World as one family - Vasudaiva Kutumbakam" under one Universal Anthem - Pasaydan of Philosopher Saint Shri Dnyaneshwara for the wellbeing of Mankind.

Religious leaders from across the globe have confirmed their presence for this conclave even as over 120 Vice Chancellors from various universities in India would be attending it.

Global scientists, nobel lauretes, philosophers, saints, educationists, social workers, among others have consented to attend the conclave. Among those would include Hiru Sayonji of the Goi Peace Foundation, Mrs Masami Sayonji, Scott Heriott of the Maharshi University, Swami Chidanand Saraswati, Prof Caroline Jenkins and renowned businessman Abhay Firodia.

During the conclave, the world's largest dome which is being given finishing touches, will formally house a Saint Dynaneshwar World Peace Prayer Hall and World Peace Library. 54 bronze statues of global saints, religious leaders, scientists, philosophers and educationists will be installed in this super structure.

The MIT Group has appealled to the teaching and student community to attend this conclave in large numbers and witness history being created, said MIT WPU Executive President Rahul V Karad, and Prof Dr Mangesh T Karad, Executive President of MIT ADT University briefed the press adding that the website for the dome is already up and one can get more information on where interested teachers and students can register themselves. Dr. Milind Pande, Prof Dr Ravi Chitnis and Dr Nandkumar Nikam were also present at the occasion.


Dept. Of Public Relations

MAEER’s MIT, Pune.


फोटो क्र. १६३५ - पत्रकार परिषदेला संबोधित करताना प्रा.राहुल विश्‍वनाथ कराड. डावीकडून डॉ. आर.एम.चिटणीस, डॉ. मिलिंद पांडे, प्रा.डॉ. मंगेश तु. कराड, प्रा. राहुल कराड, डॉ. आय.के.भट व प्रा.डी.पी.आपटे.



World parliament by MIT World Peace university by Times Of India


5 Sep 2018



World parliament by MIT World Peace university 


2 Oct 2018

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