Session Brief

Religion and Religious Scriptures of the world as ‘True Life-guiding Scriptures’

The scriptures of the world’s religions have provided humanity with some of the most sublime and profound insights, spiritual ideals, and values that have shaped the moral and spiritual development of humankind.

The impact of these scriptures on the world cultures is immeasurable. They have shaped the identity of entire communities, provided content to their legal codes, offered them meaning of life and explained the purpose and destination of life’s journey to their countless followers.

Today’s ready availability of scriptures of every faith and tradition will nurture mutual understanding and respect for the value of all religions.

Need to promote the Gandhian Philosophy of Truth & Non-violence to establish a Peace loving Holistic Global Society.

Peace begins in one’s mind.

Peace is experienced when we are in harmony with our surroundings.

As Mahatma Gandhi had said “Without Ahimsa or Non-violence it is difficult to find the Truth. Ahimsa is the means and Truth is the destination.”

Violence is the greatest obstacle of sustainable development. The impacts of conflict destroy developmental gains and holds back progress. “The religion of non-violence is not meant for Rishis and Saints, it is meant for common people as well”

As we move towards peace loving holistic global society, we must follow Mahatma Gandhi’s philosophy of Truth & Non-violence to establish a strong base for that kind of society.

It is worth noting that the pathway to World Peace can be found through the confluence of time-tested philosophies of various nations and religions of the world. It is high time that we understand and realize the philosophy of Truth and Non-violence advocated by one of the GREATEST MESSENGERS OF PEACE MAHATMA GANDHI. Today, in the 150th year of his birth, it is the right time to promote and realize his philosophy for the establishment of Peace-Loving Holistic Global Society.

Need to promote ‘Value Based Universal Education System’ arrived on the appropriate understanding of Role of Science and Spirituality / Religion to minimise chaos, confusion, terrorism and violence prevailing in the world.

Being ‘scientific’ or ‘religious’ were known as the qualities of a person’s inner self. It is the rigid interpretations of the religious scriptures and the terms describing them which gave rise to various ‘ism’s and therefore to a conflict between them.

There is a strong need in today’s chaotic world ridden with confusion, terrorism and violence to have a ‘Value based Universal Education System’. A Value based Universal Education System will help reduce the conflict between ideologies and ‘ism’s as it will be based on appropriate understanding of the role of Science & Spirituality.

There is a dire need to evolve and promote a “Value Based Universal Education System” with an appropriate understanding of the Role of Science and Spirituality/Religion to minimize the chaos, confusion, violence, terrorism, bloodshed, massacre and atmosphere of suspicion prevailing in the world.

Can science and religion be reconciled? What are the main objectives? Scientific? Religious.

People of the world living in harmony with each other without hostility or conflict is the philosophy at the root of all religions.Benevolentand selfless behaviour is suggested by all religions and in turn encourages reciprocal generosity and benevolence.

Rosary is the prayer that favours Peace.

Salaam, the root word in Islam means Peace.

Finding Enlightenment or Inner Peace is emphasised in the practices of Hinduism and Buddhism.

We the Mankind have to share the world’s resources as world citizens which creates conflict. Religious philosophies and various nation’s governing principles can show us a pathway to manage this conflict as these philosophies and principles have survived over years and centuries and so are time tested.

Need to transform Universities into True Centres of Research, Innovation, Scientifically oriented Knowledge & Wisdom for Holistic Human Development

Universities are Repositories and generators of knowledge, sites for the Evaluation and Application of New knowledge, Important contributors to Society and Nations.

And apart from being educational establishments and generators of knowledge & technology, Universities also mould the future world citizens. The communities and the Nations can be shaped here. Therefore there is a need to transform Universities into True Centres of Research, Innovation, Scientifically oriented knowledge, wisdom and Holistic Human Development.

Nature of Mind, Matter, Spirit and Conciousness and the methods of Meditation like Yoga, Vipasana, Pranayam, Namaz,Prayer, Chanting etc. To develop positive thinking and mind-set

The practices of focussing our attention on a single point of reference has been amply followed by different religions and spiritual groups since long. This practice has yielded spiritual upliftment for its practitioners and in turn they have propagated it for the benefit of all.

Methods of Meditation like Yoga, Vipasana, Pranayam, Namaz, Prayer, Chanting and many more help humankind focus their attentions, their energies onto a single point of reference. They apparently belong to different religious or spiritual practices, but at the core they are all designed to help us purify our sources of energies; be them Mind, Matter, Spirit or Consciousness.

There is a dire need to change the very definition of the word Philosophy and its perceived meaning. There have been saints, sages, seers and prophets throughout the centuries, who have been looked upon as religious preachers and at times, those who promote blind faith. However, in reality most of the saints, sages, seers and prophets are actually providing the pathway to inner peace and how to live in contentment with oneself. The methods adopted by each one may be different but their ultimate goal is Welfare of the entire Humanity. Therefore, it is our firm belief that the greatest saints, sages, seers and prophets should be considered as “Philosophers” and not as religious preachers only.

Which comes first: religion,science or philosophy

In 1986 Swami Vivekanand met and asked Nikola Tesla if he could show what we will matter is just potential energy.Swamiji’s query found an answer in 1905 when Albert Einstein presented his paper which led to establish an equation-E=MC2

Man’s spiritual Quest and Exploration of the universe through Science come closest to each other when the philosophy of ‘Advait’ and the equation of ‘E=MC2’ are compared together.

Swami Vivekanand said in one of his lectures (complete works of Vivekanand-Vol 2) that “The Universe is absolute seen through the screen of time, space and causation (kaal,Desh,Nimitta)” when this screen of time & space vanishes, it is the same absolute on both the sides. The Drashta (viewer) and the Drishya (view) become one – the Advait.

Student Session - My ideas to propagate value based education to promote culture of peace in the world.

Friends, it is high time that the learned Scholars, Thinkers, Academicians, Philosophers, Scientists and Men of Religion/spirituality should come together to evolve a VALUE BASED EDUCATION SYSTEM with an appropriate component of Science and Religion/Spirituality to establish and develop a HOLISTIC PEACE-LOVING HARMONIOUS GLOBAL SOCIETY.

Looking at the prevailing disturbing scenario all over the world, it is imperative that we carry out introspection, search where we have gone wrong and decide about the measures, that can help in setting the things right. It requires sincere efforts and firm action by all the right thinking knowledgeable people without any further loss of time. Any further delay will make the process irreversible and whatever rot has set in, will get perpetuated.

Education and Training-the only way to develop ‘Positive-Mindset’

As enunciated by the Great Noble son of India-Swami Vivekananda, “Education is a manifestation of pure intelligence and of the perfection already in man”, and is obviously closely related with the proper understanding of the Role of Science and Spirituality/Religion for the wellbeing of the entire Mankind.

The main thrust of Education, in addition to providing inputs by way of knowledge and information, should be in developing purity of mind, purity of thought and purity in each and every action of life, which are basic for establishing a holistic global society. The main purpose of education is to develop the “WINNING PERSONALITY” of the student, who shall be Physically Fit, Mentally Alert, Intellectually Sharp and Spiritually Elevated, so that he will be able to contribute his might for the wellbeing and welfare of the society at large.