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5TH OCT 2018

Shri. Rahul Karad

Prof Rahul Karad came to the dais and warmly welcomed everyone present there. Then he spoke about the last few days of the event and how, though his father has been working on the dome for the last decade, the idea for it or rather for what the dome represents must have been with him since his childhood all those years back when he first read the teachings of Swami Vivekananda. He spoke of how his father had a hand in guiding him towards the setting up of the first institute in India to impart political knowledge to aspirants who wish to take a role in India's political system. He then expressed admiration for his father setting up the first World Peace Library along with informing the audience of the numerous initiatives taken by MIT for the upliftment of women, for the unity of teachers and many more. He then call Shri. Sushil Kumar Shinde's attention to the front few rows where the dignitaries who had partaken in the World Council were sitting and informed them of the important role they played. He then reiterated the core reasoning behind the dome, behind its architecture and behind the numerous sculptures of great men that lined the walls. He concluded by saying this venue has just seen the first of many just World Peace parliaments.

Dr. S N Pathan

Dr S N Pathan reiterated the reason for the World Peace Parliament along with informing the audience once again of the pivotal role played by 'Mawli' in the setting up of this Peace Parliament, the dome and why he represents the perfect synthesis of religious harmony and forward thinking. The Doctor could not speak enough about the value of this dome and how this structure would definitely stand the test of time and become a monument to World Peace.

Prof. Dr. Milind Pande

The esteemed Dr Milind Pandey then took to the dais and read the resolutions that had arisen out of the entire 3 days Congress. They dealt with various subjects such as how to effectively provide holistic universal education to students to the introduction of meditative techniques to better aid not only students but all of the people. Dr Pandey further iterated the pivotal need to marry the spiritual with the scientific by effectively synthesising the modern Western approach to education with the traditional Indian Approach to Education. After he read all the resolution Dr Pandey intoned that there would be further World Councils and thus further resolutions upon which to mull and ponder.

Rev. Prof. Dr. Vishwanath Karad

Prof. Dr. V D Karad Sir took to the stage and humbly began his session by saying that as much as he has been congratulated through these last few days for the design and completion of the Dome, he does not really feel that he has had that much to do with it. He may have conceptualized a little bit, but then the entire work was done by other people and some of them have spent most of the last decade doing so. Prof. Dr. Karad Sir  thanked everyone present for making the event the success it became and by stating the reasons for his calling the World Peace parliament and why he would not hesitate to do so again. He says that the world needs to forego the chaos and anarchy it is heading into so as to be finally able to usher in the Golden age of man. Saying so he called upon the artisans who had worked on the dome to have them felicitated by none other than Shri. Sushil Kumar Shinde himself.

Shri. Sushil Kumar Shinde

Shri. Shinde took to the stage and thanked Prof. Dr. Karad Sir  personally for having invited him to such a prestigious and auspicious event. He spoke of how magnificent the core concept behind this monument to peace is and how this is exactly what is required in this troubled century. He went on to laud the Karad family for all their multiple initiatives aimed at the betterment of their people and the upliftment of those who are still disenfranchised. Along with that, he commended them on their foresight which allowed them to set up a School of Governance and start a holistic university aimed at the completed development of their students. He made it a point to mention that though the land of Rajbaug was taken from the Kapoor family, Prof Dr. V. D. Karad Sir did not forget about them and even made a Raj Kapoor memorial hall within the campus. Not only that but the college for music with its seven small interconnected domed centres representing the seven 'swars' was an absolute masterpiece as well. He thanked everyone present for making this World Parliament possible and for all the people who had made the dome possible.

Prof. Dr. Mangesh Karad

Prof. Dr Mangesh Karad took to the dais and spoke about the event and its implications as well. He spoke of the numerous universities and colleges started by Prof. Dr. Vishwanath Karad as well as of the MIT-Arts and Design Technology University, something novel for its combine the art with the technology. .Prof. Dr. Mangesh Karad Sir presented a vote of thanks to all the national and international speakers, all delegates, Special guests and invitees, all the government officials who helped in the planning and execution of the conference, students, working committee members and volunteers for the success of the world parliament 2018.

There was a Technical showing after this where a montage of the last few days was presented to everyone following which the National Anthem was sung and the grand ceremony finally came to an end.


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