Shri Rahul V Karad 


The speaker thanked all the assembled dignitaries on the dais, especially those who have partaken in this event multiple times. He wished to inform each of the dignitaries and students of the efforts that they have put for this conference as well as for those who have worked behind the screen tirelessly to make this event a success. He acknowledged everyone’s contribution. He then spoke of the legacy which the peace dome will leave behind and how this structure will reverberate with the message of peace long after the present dignitaries will be dead and gone. He then spoke about various other initiative undertaken by MIT-WPU including the ever successful BCS and the upcoming world parliament as well. 

Dr Vijay P Bhatkar 


The speaker spoke about the virtues of the Karad family as well as the numerous people involved in this conference with special thanks been given to Revered Prof Dr Vishwanath Karad.

Prof Dr Ramesh Chandra Sinha 


The learned speaker chose to elaborate on the virtues of Revered Prof Dr Vishwanath Karad and why he is a worthy recipient of the award being conferred on him. He likened the man to a philosopher as well as an entrepreneur and visionary, qualities that hardly manifest together in a single individual. 

Prof Ambika Dutta Sharma 


The speaker profusely thanked all the dignitaries and professed his admiration for each and every one of them. He also expressed his admiration for this world parliament. 

Dr Ashok Vora 


the speaker spoke of how the award recipients are there due to their astonishing caliber and vision. He spoke warmly of them and of how he understood their brilliance of character long before the award was conferred to them. 

Revered Prof Dr Vishwanath D Karad 


The speaker was the picture of humility when he accepted the award. He then spoke of his long journey till this point with emphasis on his upbringing and his elder sister who helped shape him to be the man that he has become. He spoke of the inspiration behind the dome and the inspiration behind the entire MAEER’s group itself. He reiterated the fact that he is not a great man, rather he is a conduit through which the will of great men, such as Swami Vivekananda and Sant Dnyaneshwar, is realized. He spoke of how it is essential in this age to bring people together and the need for everlasting peace who the speaker believes is only possible through a holistic education which includes the temporal as well as the spiritual. 

Shrimati Sumitra Mahajan 


The learned speaker started by thanking the Karad family for this honor and then proceeded to air her own views about the interconnectivity between science, religion and spirituality. She believes that it is only culture that acts as a bind between religion and science, and this is exemplified by the Indian culture. She explains that culture is important, specifically to match development with tradition. She spoke of the need to acknowledge the power of the environment and to be aware of the needs of mother earth itself. She stated she is very hopeful for the future.


World Peace Dome

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