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Nature of mind, matter, spirit and consciousness and the methods of meditation like yoga, vipassana, pranayam, namaz, prayer, chanting etc. To develop positive thinking and mindset

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Dr. Binny Sareen

Dr. Binny Sareen is an enlightened and dedicated Spiritual trainer, author and relationship adviser.  She is a well-known expert on spirituality, peace enhancement subjects and meditation at various organizations & Universities. She has been Awarded First Doctorate in the subject of 'Spirituality & Universal Values'. She received 'Appreciation & Recognition' from President of India for her Novel Doctorate work. 

She is recognized as one of the International outstanding expert and faculty in Spiritual Awakening, Motivation, and Positive Living for Stress management at various Prestigious Defense training academies, Army Stations in India and at International Prestigious platforms.  She has traveled extensively for promoting Peace, Spirituality and Holistic Well-being in India and worldwide .

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Professor Russell Franco D’Souza

Professor Russell Franco D’Souza, MD is a memberof the Editorial Board of the Open Journal of Psychiatry & Allied Sciences (OJPAS®). Professor D’Souza is Head, Asia Pacific Division, UNESCO Chair in Bioethics (Haifa) as well as Dean and Executive Director, Professor of Psychological Medicine, International Institute of Organisational Psychological Medicine. Professor D’Souza is also the founding managing editor of the Asian Journal of Psychiatry. 

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Mr. Chandra Mohan Bhandari 

Chandra Mohan Bhandari, a former career diplomat and Ambassador of India to Cambodia, United Arab Emirates, Poland and Lithuania, is a Master in Physics from IIT, Kanpur who served in India’s Diplomatic Services. He has been a Yogi all his life, which has given him enviable insights into practical applications of Vedic Sciences. What endears him to his audiences is his down-to-earth ways of explaining the intricacies of Yog and Ayurved sciences from personal experiences that goes beyond the physical postures and breathing and introduce the subtle and consciousness level engineering and biochemical process taking place all the time in the “Saptadhaatu, Panchkosh and three-level body. Getting this understanding, experience and clarity about the three personalities constantly active determine the holistic health, wellness and happiness of each individual.

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Dr. R.S.Kaushal 

PhD (Physics) from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur PhD (Philosophy) from University of Delhi, has been associated with the University of Delhi. Dr. Kaushal has also served as UGC Research Scientist in the Department of Physics & Astrophysics, University of Delhi.He visited Germany as Alexander von Humboldt Fellow and several other countries in Europe, South-East Asia and South America during his academic pursuits.He is the author of three books and the co-author of a fourth one besides about one hundred research papers published in journals of international repute in the fields of Theoretical Nuclear and Particle Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Classical Mechanics, Dynamical Systems and Philosophy of Science. His research work has been cited more than 400 times so far. 

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B K Mruthyunjaya

His contact with the Brahma Kumaris at the young age of 19stirred the depths of his soul, giving him wonderful transcendental Experiences and tremendous super sensuous joy. Moreover, Godly Knowledge appealed to him so much that he considered rare Fortune to dedicate himself to the service of the Supreme. The very first fruit of his youthful Efforts was the establishment of as many as 25 Brahma Kumaris Centres in Southern States of India by the time he himself was 30 years of age.

Besides his practice of Rajyoga for the elevation of his soul and communion with God, B.K.Mruthyunjaya possessed so much energy, initiative, zeal and enthusiasm for Godly service that he was soon called to Mount Abu, the International Headquarters of the Institution, to take up significant assignments.

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Dr Mohan Agashe

He is an Indian theater and film actor and a SangeetNatakAkademi Awardee.  Mohan Agashe served as a Professor of Psychiatry at the B. J. Medical College and Sassoon Hospital in Pune. Apart from his medical career, he also worked in the fields of clinical psychology and psychopharmacology. Agashe was a founding Director of Maharashtra Institute of Mental Health.
Agashe is presently the Principal Investigator for an Indo–US joint project on Cultural Disorders of Fatigue and Weaknesses. He has also held the post of Director General of the film and television institute of India.

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