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Religion and religious scriptures of the world as ‘true life-guiding scriptures


Dr. Prasanna V Chaturvedi

Dr Prasanna Chaturvedi was born on the 20th of June 1972. Always inclined towards understanding spirituality and religion, he rendered a complete translation of the Ramayana, Mahabharata, Bhagvata Gita and Bhagavatam by the age of 19. Additionally, he completed the ritualization of all Vedic texts by the tender age of 21. He is an MA in Philosophy and religion, an MA in Sanskrit literature as well as a Phd in Sanskrit. Not content with his academic performance he even has an MBA in It management as is pursuing his LLB. 

After an extensive education in Indian scriptures, hermeneutics, epics and puranas, sacred laws, Indian philosophy he gained the right to becoming the head of the Sri Sudarshan Peetam, which follows Ramanujam’s School of Vaishnavite thought. He is also the founder of Sri Ramanuja Mission Trust, Sri Bhashyakar Charitable Trust, The Forum of Scientists Aiming at Peace and Harmony (FOSAPAH) and the President of the Association for Inter – Religious Understanding based out of San Francisco. Dr Prasanna has also served as a professor and Vice President in Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Advanced Research.

In addition he has authored multiple books and papers on a diverse range of topics from inter religious harmony to applied mysticism and even scientific research. 

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Dr.Arif Mohammad Khan 

Arif Mohammad Khan is a former cabinet minister in the Union of India. He has had several portfolios ranging from energy to civil aviation. He is actively involved in reforming religious ideas according to the present world. Arif Mohammad Khan started his political career as student leader. He became member of legislative assembly of UP in 1977 at the age of 26.


Pandit Vasant Gadgil 

Sharda Dnynpeeth Founder of Pune, Pandit Vasant Anant Gadgil, is an 82-year-old Vedic poet of Sanskrit and continuously remained Saraswat Sangshak of Sanskrit language literature for 61 years. He was greeted by Shri Modi under the auspices of 82 Sanskrit students of Pune. Pandit Gadgil published Sharda Dnyanipitham which was released by The Chief Minister

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Bhante Rahul Bodhi 

Bhante Rahul Bodhi Got his Bachelor of Commerce Degree at Nagpur University. Got Shramaner Pabbjia at Nagpur Under Maha Pandit Dr Bhadant Anand Kausalyayan, Sangha Nayak, Maha Thero, of All India Bhikkhu Sangha. Mr.Bodhi Ordination Bhikkhu Upasampada at Buddha Gaya, under the auspicious Enlightenment Bodhi Tree at Bodh Gaya (Bihar) India. He went to Colombo Sri Lanka got higher Bhikkhu Training of Theravada Tradition in Gangaramaya Maha Viharaya Peliya goda, at Vidyalankar Piriwene Kelaniya and at Paramadharma Chatiya Rajamaha Viharaya Ratmalan Colombo Sri Lanka.Total 10years spent in Sri Lanka for Higher Dhamma training. Studied for M.A. Degree in religious Philosophy at Kelaniya University of Sri Lanka .Venerable Bhadant Rahul Bodhi got Novice Ordination (Shramnera Pravajya) at young age of 20 years. He obtained his upasampada the Higher Ordination a Bhikkhu upasampada under holy Maha Bodhi Tree at Buddha Gaya  from holy all India Bhikkhu Sangha.

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Shri Ezekiel Isaac Malekar 

Rabbi Ezekiel Isaac Malekar is Priest and Honorary Secretary of Judah Hyam Synagogue, New Delhi. Former Deputy Registrar (Law) of the National Human Rights Commission. Rabbi Ezekiel has authored many articles and monographs on various aspects of Judaism in the newspapers/magazines, etc. He has also authored two books 1) The Lord is one and 2) The Prudence in Prism – Assortment of spiritual sprinklers. He is also the In-charge of the Inter-faith Study Center as well as library of the synagogue. He has been looking after the synagogue and conducting the services voluntarily for the last 32 years. He is an Advocate by profession but devotes his full time, energy to maintain the synagogue. He is a Jewish scholar and human rights activist & Trustee/Member of many inter-faith organizations.

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Acharya Dr.Lokesh Muni 

Acharya Dr. Lokesh Ji is a social reformer, versatile thinker, writer and poet. For the last 30 years, he has been continuously making efforts for building National character, development of human values and establishing non- violene, peace and mutual co-operation in the society. He has traveled on foot about 20000 kilometers throughout the country for removing social evils and for propagating moral values. He says "My first and last ambition is that I should be able to make the world free from violence, terrorism and tension and that I may help in making my humble contribution in establishing peace and mutual co-operation." In order to give practical shape to these values he founded "Ahimsa Vishwa Bharti" and thus made his field of activities spreading throughout the world.
After completing his formal education he deeply studied Jain, Buddhist, Vedic and other Indian and foreign thoughts (Philosophies). He is well read in Prakrit, Sanskrit, Hindi, English, Gujrati, Kannarese and many other languages.

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Mr. Don R. Clarke 

Don Ray Clarke is a General Authority of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, sustained as a member of the First Quorum of Seventy. He had previously served in the Second Quorum of the Seventy, where he served as president of the Central America Area as a counselor in the presidency. Before his full-time Church service, he first worked for the Ford Motor Company, then worked in retail, serving in several executive positions. Clarke served as a volunteer professor of business at Southern Virginia University and served as an advisor on finances to Rodney K. Smith who was president of SVU. He has served in the LDS Church in many capacities, including full-time missionary in Argentina, assistant director of Church Hosting, stake president, high councilor, bishop, and elders quorum president. He presided over the Bolivia Santa Cruz Mission.  

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Dame Dr.Meher Master Moos 

Known for founding The Zoroastrian College (Sanjan), Dr. Prof. Meher Master-Moos is a dynamic personality with multiple feathers in her cap, and has done our community and our nation proud, in keeping with her path-breaking achievements .She was the first Parsi woman to graduate in Law at Oxford University; the first Asian to be granted the Barbour Scholarship for Law studies; the youngest and first Non-WASP (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant) woman to be appointed as Assistant Law Professor at the University of Manitoba, Canada and more. An educationist at heart, Dr. Meher has dedicated thirty-three years of her life to the International Academic circuit, teaching International Law and Jurisprudence. She has been conferred globally prestigious recognitions including a doctorate Honoris Causa in Copenhagen through Medicina Alternativa, as well as the ‘United Nations Sec. Gen. Dag Hammarsckold Award’ (India’s first and only woman recipient).

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