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Session 2


Founder - The Mohanji International Foundation, 

Mohanji is a philanthropist and a humanitarian. He is the founder of Ammucare, ACT Foundation, Mohanji Foundation,  Himalayan School of Traditional Yoga, Dance, Language Martial Arts and World Consciousness Alliance. He has dedicated his life towards serving the world. He is a lover of humanity believing humanity to be the best religion for humans. Humanity beyond all man-made barriers such as caste, colour, creed, nationality and culture. His love extends to all the beings on earth and he walks the path of ahimsa (non-violence) in thought, word and action.  He is driven by the conviction that we should all leave the earth a better place after having lived on it.

A non -conformist by nature, Mohanji avoids putting himself into frames and sees himself as a friend of the world – be it aiding the poor and helpless, empowering those in emotional or mental torment, guiding those seeking personal and spiritual development, caring for birds and animals or caring for the environment at large.

Mohanji’s nature radiates that of a loving mother, a best friend, a devoted family man, a lucid philosopher and a loving guide, offering his help and assistance unconditionally. Little wonder that each person connects with him differently, in their own unique manner.
Mohanji says, “I am what you consider me to be.” 

Arthur Taylor
Mr Mandar Apte.jpg

Mr. Mandar Apte

Executive Director at Cities4Peace, International
Association for Human Values Los Angeles, California, USA

Mandar is a former Shell Game Changer who used to manage Shell's impact investment portfolio on social innovations that create shared value - both social impact and business value. After working at Shell for 17 years, Mandar is a Visiting Scholar at George Mason and manages the Business for Peace Innovation Lab that provides innovation consulting to international brands to find novel ways to make peace profitable.

He also manages a nonprofit peace consultancy 'Cities4Peace' that actively promotes peace in cities across the world. Their flagship work in 2019 was in Los Angeles - working closely with the LAPD and the LA Mayors Office for Gang Reduction in Los Angeles. A short video of his work in LA is here. For nearly two decades, Mandar has taught leadership programs using meditation practices for the Art of Living Foundation. 

Recognized as a thought leader on sustainability innovation, leadership, and intrapreneurship, he  have spoken and led masterclasses at prestigious conferences viz. Aspen Ideas Festival, Social Innovation Summit, Sustainable Brands, Kellogg Innovation Network,etc. Now focusing his  time and energy on supporting global brands to recalibrate their purpose and social impact.

Mr. Mandar Apte

Mr Yogesh Joshi

MS Michigan State University, USA

On mission to deliver fit for purpose and easy to use technology solutions for the greater construction community across the globe.

An astute product and project management professional with two decades of global experience across USA, UAE, Middle East, UK, and India. Provided leadership in product planning, development and delivery of technology solutions for engineering, construction, and manufacturing industry. Unique experience and skillset with engineering project management and software development lifecyle.

Mr Yogesh Joshi.jfif
Mr Yogesh Joshi
PIC MIT.jpeg

Mr Anas Amatayakul

Chairman - Shariah Advisory Council, 
Islamic Bank of Thailand, 
Professor–Mahidol University, Thailand

Dr. Anas Amatayakul is a retired Professor in Religions and Development and Comparative Religion at the Department of Humanities, Faculty of Social Sciences, Mahidol University. He is a former Chairman of the Shariah Advisory Council, Islamic bank of Thailand.


Dr. Anas Amatayakul is an expert in Arabic language and Arabic literatures, Islamic law (Shariah), Islamic History, Islamic Culture, Islam Civilization, as well as Eastern and Western civilization. Apart from teaching and research, Dr. Anas is executive member of The Islamic Center of Thailand and one of the editors for international religion nomenclature dictionary of Royal Institute of Thailand, an advisor of the Muslim Studies Center, Institute of Asian Studies, Chulalongkorn University, and an advisor of the Centre for Muslim World Policies, Faculty of Economics, Chulalongkorn University, and a sub-committee for accreditation of foreign degrees at OHEC, Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation. 


He has done the research on comparative education between Thailand and Malaysia and the Higher Educations of the Republic of India.

Mr Anas Amatayakul

Sadia Mahmood

Fulbright Scholar-in-Residence Program, Quaid-e-Azam University, 
Islamabad, Pakistan

Dr. Mahmood's research interests lie at the intersections of religion, region, minorities, and nation-states in modern South Asia. Currently, she teaches at the Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad. Besides other academic projects, she is working on a monograph titled Pakistani Hindus: Making of a Post-Colonial Minority (1947-1971). 

Sadia Mahmood.jfif
Sadia Mahmood
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