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Session 9 - India will become a Vishwaguru in 21st century – A Roadmap

Oct 4th, 2020, 10:30 am - 12:45 pm

Padma Bhushan Dr Vijay P Bhatkar - The learned speaker began by noting what the essence of this world Parliament is. He then explains that even science can be construed as a religion that is applicable to all humanity and as far as worship is considered we should all worship mother India. He firmly believes that India will become a VishwaGuru to the world and he believes that this is a more important position than joining the G6 or finding a place on the security council. He then explained the scenario of the world and posited the question of how will we be a superpower, as in, will we be an economic superpower or some other version of a superpower.

Padma Shri Guruji Dr. H. R. Nagendra - The learned speaker started by thanking Rev Prof Dr Vishwanath D Karad for this excellent endeavour. He then went on to discuss in depth the advantages of Yoga, without which the learned speaker does not believe the average Indian will develop the fortitude and capability to work towards Indian becoming a Vishwaguru. He then spoke about how Yoga is essential to bring about mental equilibrium and to reduce stress. He spoke about how in the higher states of consciousness that can be achieved through the practice of Yoga, an individual can actually feel divinity as well as understand the solutions to large problems and inculcate the peaceful way of life in individuals. It also strengthens the immune system and will ensure a reduction in medical costs.

Padma Vibhushan Virender Hegde - The learned speaker was of the opinion that universal truth and oneness is the path to world peace and only India can imbue the world with the tools to realise the universal truth. He spoke of how faith is like a lamp in a dark forest; it is not strong enough to show the whole forest, but is bright enough to illuminate the next step and keep one safe. He believes that without inner peace and familial peace, we cannot achieve world peace. He further stated that the mind is a very powerful instrument and if filled with positivity will engineer a positive environment around itself, the influence of which will percolate throughout the world.

Rev Prof Dr Vishwanath D Karad - The learned speaker began by thanking the dinitaries, most of whom the speaker has enjoined a long and prosperous association with. He then spoke about the book which MIT has published which deals with the nine universal truths and is not bound by any religious dogma. He stressed that he is not the doer but rather the purveyor of these thoughts which came to Sant Dnyaneshwar over 730 years ago. Unfortunately information moved very slowly back then and so this wisdom could not be easily disseminated. That is changing in this day and age, and the speaker is glad for it.

Prof. Dr. Rani Sadasiva Murty - The learned sanskrit scholar fully believed that India will become a Vishwaguru. But for that to be realised we need to understand the world Guru. He explained the concept in its original sanskrit incarnation and then stated that it will be a task in itself to find such a Guru, but to become Vishwaguru, it is essential. He then spoke about the world Ashram and explained its importance from the perspective of dissemination of knowledge. He then explained how the Vedas, the Upavedas and the ancillary explanations of the Vedas are essential for understanding how to be human. He also explained Shashtra, which he believes is synonymous with science since they have the same structure and rely on observation, hypothesis and proof.

Dr. Dinesh Katre - The learned speaker is of the opinion that it is imperative to first understand what Science, religion and philosophy mean in terms of an Indian context. He explained that within an Indian context, the interconnection of these three can be construed as the Indian context ‘Dharma’ which has no approximation in the english language and which is often mistranslated as religion. He further likened Hindu religion as an open source software as opposed to the closed source proprietary softwares which are abrahamic religions. He feels that it is the duty of an individual to gain knowledge for their own liberation. He believes that true satisfaction comes from knowledge of one’s self and not by material things. He then states that a Guru is one who dispels darkness, with darkness being ignorance. He believes that India will be a VishwaGuru by determining the confluence of these three terms.

Swami AtmaPriyananda - The learned speaker began by chanting a hymn in sanskrit. The learned speaker then expanded on the few teachings based on ancient indian philosophy and religions will ensure that we do become a Vishwaguru. He explained that complete wisdom is required with complete being a synthesis of secular and religious knowledge. He stated that this is the uniqueness of Indian thought that they gave equal impetus to secular science and religion expression. He finds that the west favours one over the other and thus they can never integrate to become whole. This is what India must teach to the world.

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