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Session 7 - Panel Discussion: The Need for Eradication of Biological and Chemical Weapons

Oct 3rd, 2020, 4:30 pm - 5:45 pm

Rev Prof Dr Vishwanath D Karad - The learned visionary spoke at length about the problems facing the world today with particular emphasis on the COVID pandemic and the nature of chemical and biological warfare agents. He spoke of how he is himself unaware of the mechanism by which the biological and chemical weapons can be banned but hopes that someone after hearing this conference can be inspired enough to come up with the solution. He also wished to come up with any change in order to combat the current state of affairs. It was the state of affairs currently as well as numerous incidents in humanity’s past that led him to believe that the time to take strict actions against such destructive forces is the immediate appeal to get biological and chemical weapons banned globally. He further expounded on the various dangers these weapons possess along with their tremendous capacity for destruction. He further stated that the time for the fusion of science and spirituality is at hand and that he hoped the conference could conclude with the establishment of a viable process to ensure the very reason the conference was called together.

Marc Finaud - The learned speaker held a very informative session. He first patiently listed and explained the numerous terms used frequently when speaking of chemical and biological weapons. He then listed the various threats that are posed by the chemical and biological [CB] agents which included accidents, man made as well as natural. He then spoke about the various different warfare agents and their effects as well as giving a brief history of chemical/ biological warfare. He then spoke about the countermeasures that are in place to contain such warfare agents and how they have very little power to affect actual change. He also spoke of how these weapons are [roven to be of no significant tactical use in conventional warfare and throughout their history the majority of the victims are civilians. Thus, this is in effect a weapon used to intimidate and subdue local resistance and thus is intrinsically a technology that is not to be weaponized.

Andrew Weber - The learned speaker stated that he is convinced his life’s vocation is to aid in the banning of biological and chemical weapons. He spoke of how the power of destruction of the facility was potentially extinction level. He is of the opinion that countries must get together and take part in the committees and organizations that aim at eradicating these agents of warfare. But, at the same time, it is difficult to implement the policies since state interests command that they keep these agencies without actual power. The danger is not these l;arge countries with such warfare agents, rather the development of these by smaller countries who have a higher probability of using them and not just stockpiling it as a deterrent. He is most worried about these agents falling into the hands of terrorist organizations for which these will be a cheap, highly psychological and damaging method of propagating their terror.

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