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Session 10 - Declaration: The Dalai Lama Chair Hosted by MIT-WPU at World Peace Dome and Panel Discussion: Importance of Indic Studies/The Dalai Lama Studies for Future of World Peace

Oct 4th, 2020, 12:45 pm - 02:00 pm

Declaration: The Dalai Lama Chair Hosted by MIT-WPU at World Peace Dome
Panel Discussion: Importance of Indic Studies / The Dalai Lama Studies for Future of World Peace

Mr Rajiv Mehrotra - The learned speaker started by stating that the Tibetans see themselves as the ‘Chelas’ to the Indian ‘Gurus’ and now it is the time for the ‘Chelas’ to remind the ‘Guru’ of their wealth of wisdom. And wisdom, according to the speaker, is the understanding of the reality we find ourselves in. He believes that the effort of all science, religion and philosophy is to answer this question and that this is very close to the Nalanda tradition of approaching knowledge, itself being a preeminent center of Buddhists studies. He believes that the Nalanda tradition traces body, mind and soul to understand higher learning.

Shri Rahul Karad - the learned speaker welcomed all the assembled dignitaries. He then spoke about the principle behind the World parliaments and they recalled how many times His Holiness the Dalai Lama has graced MIT which was an impressive 4 times. He spoke of the amount of wisdom that was showered on them all due to the visits. He also spoke of the vast support that His Holiness has given for the various initiatives floated by MIT for women empowerment and others. He then gave his commitment for the Dalai Lama Chair.

Shri Pema Khandu - The learned speaker started by stating how important this World Parliament is when seen from the perspective of all humanity. This ensures that this parliament is extremely important for the future and these issues are the meta from which almost all other issues can be understood and optimized. He then spoke of the Dalai Lama and what his significance is. He explained that ‘Dalai Lama’ means ocean of wisdom and this title was given to him by Kublai Khan. He then wished people would come and visit his state and see how much work has undergone keeping in mind the policies of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Prof Dr Ramdas Lamb - The learned speaker began by elaborating upon an epoch of Indian history where the archeologists found no animal bones and no instruments of war. This is where the concept of ahimsa, of truthfulness and of peace was first propagated. As humans we have developed greatly due to the impact of science, but the foundation which is us is sadly neglected. In this day and age it is imperative that we have that education within us and find the strength inside to ensure a progression to a peaceful and harmonious global society.

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