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Need of the hour to Promote Gandhian Philosophy for Survival of humanity and World Peace

(2nd Oct 2020 Session 12 noon)

Peace begins in one’s mind. Peace is experienced when we are in harmony with our surroundings.
As Mahatma Gandhi had said “Without Ahimsa or Non-violence it is difficult to find the Truth. Ahimsa is the means and Truth is the destination.”

Violence is the greatest obstacle of sustainable development. The impacts of conflict destroy developmental gains and holds back progress. “The religion of non-violence is not meant for Rishis and Saints, it is meant for common people as well”

There is great relevancy of Gandhian philosophy. Mahatma Gandhi was a practical thinker and as such it has righty been said about him that he was a great Karmayogi. Gandhi was one of those philosopher who believed in self-sacrifice, Satyagraha or Non-cooperation. He believed that violence brought with it hatred and feelings of revenge where as in non-violence there was no such danger. Gandhian philosophy is no comprehensive that it has left no aspect of human life untouched. 

As we move towards peace loving holistic global society, we must understand that the need of the hour is to Promote Gandhian Philosophy for Survival of humanity and World Peace.

 Implementing Value-Based System against COVID disruption

(4th Oct 2020 Session 10.30am)

The elements of a value-based education can be found not only in the subject matter, but in the learning styles which are employed, the scheduling of the classroom, extracurricular activities, and parental involvement. The Value Based Education is therefore organized so as to secure the fullest possible development of body, mind and heart; and a fruitful channelization of the life-energy in pursuits that contribute to the growth of both internal and external personality. It offers a sufficient training of the mental faculties in the fields of various humanities and sciences. It ultimately provides the requisite help, through a powerful spiritual atmosphere, for the soul to come forward and gradually begin to govern a balanced, peaceful and spiritually awakened life. Therefore, value based-education is instrumental to unfold and nurture the ideals of life. Education that does not help promote human virtues will not do any good to the society; it will rather mislead the entirety of humanity. In the present horrifying COVID situation, will it be possible to Implement Value-Based Education ?





Doctors, Messiahs of Peace in Times of Pandamic  

(4th Oct 2020, Session 12 noon)

The current COVID-19 pandemic poses several public health challenges. The demands placed on health services are huge, as is the need to take population protection measures. The impacts are immediately reflected on health teams. They experience increased demands and risks, such as exposure to severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2, and a compromise of their mental health.
Doctors working in world must use their technical knowledge to ensure the best actions to protect the health of the citizens. In the current pandemic situation, the role of a doctor in a world has been strategic in ensuring the best health conditions to establish peace loving holistic global society.  

Divine Blessing Ceremony - Methods of Developing positive thinking and mindset

(5th Oct 2020 , 10.30 am)

The practices of focussing our attention on a single point of reference has been amply followed by different religions and spiritual groups since long.This practice has yielded spiritual upliftment for its practitioners and in turn they have propagated it for the benefit of all.
Methods of Meditation like Yoga,Vipasana,Pranayam,Namaz,Prayer,Chanting and many more help humankind focus their attentions, their energies onto a single point of reference. They apparently belong to different religious or spiritual practices, but at the core they are all designed to help us purify our sources of energies; be them Mind,Matter,Spirit or Conciousness.
There is a dire need to change the very definition of the word Philosophy and its perceived meaning. There have been saints, sages, seers and prophets throughout the centuries, who have been looked upon as religious preachers and at times, those who promote blind faith. However, in reality most of the saints, sages, seers and prophets are actually providing the pathway to inner peace and how to live in contentment with oneself. The methods adopted by each one may be different but their ultimate goal is Welfare of the entire Humanity. Therefore, it is our firm belief that the greatest saints, sages, seers and prophets should be considered as “Philosophers” and not as religious preachers only.  


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