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Accommodation on a twin sharing basis will be provided to all our outstation delegates without charge.  We also provide you a welcome kit that includes a bag of toiletries that includes soaps, toothbrush, paste amongst other necessities, for no extra cost. There will be complimentary wholesome vegetarian meals provided to all our delegates for breakfast, lunch and dinner. A separate block is allocated for female delegates to reside in.

Outstation delegates are requested to register with us online so as to know, beforehand, the details of their stay with us.  A mail confirmation would be sent to delegates requesting accommodation with room and other details of their registration.

Delegates are requested to visit Accommodation Booth along with the Email confirmation sent on their registered mail for final confirmation of room. We appeal to the delegates to please carry a passport size photograph and a valid Photo ID with them, for identification purposes as well as to create their delegate passes.

In case of any further inquiry or query, please feel free to contact either of the following person in charge:

Preferred Calling time - 9 am to 5 pm (Monday to Saturday)

Contact person: Mr. Kulkarni 


We hope you have a pleasant and informative stay with us!

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