Session I - Need to Promote "Value Based Universal Education System" Based on the Appropriate Understanding of the Role of Science and Spirituality, to Minimize the Chaos, Confusion, Terrorism and Violence Prevailing in the World.

Session II - Need to Promote the Gandhian Philosophy of Truth and Non-Violence to Establish Peace- Loving Holistic Global Society.

Session III - Religion and Religious Scriptures of the World are True Life-Guiding Scriptures/Principles.

Session IV - Need for Sustainable Development in Promoting Wellbeing of Mankind and World Peace.

Session V - Non-Duality as the Philosophy of Science, to Realize the Nature of the Self through the Universal Equation AUM -> E = MC2.

Session VI - Finding the Pathway to World Peace through the Confluence of Time-Tested Philosophies of Various Nations of the World.

Session VII - Need to Transform Universities/Colleges from Information and Data Collection Centers into the True Centers of Scientifically Oriented Knowledge and Wisdom.

Session VIII - Need to Transform Pilgrim Centers of the World into Divine Knowledge Centers of the World to Minimize the Ritualistic Religious Concepts of Superstition and Blind Faith.

Session IX - Nature of Mind, Matter, Spirit and Consciousness and the Methods of Meditation like Yoga, Vipashyana, Pranayam, Namaz, Prayer, Chanting etc. to Develop Positive Thinking and Mindset.

Session X - The Concept of "God" the Ultimate Truth/ Realty as Envisaged through Mother Nature/Entire Universe as Propounded by Philosopher Saint Shree Dnyaneshwara.

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