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Session 6- Student Session: Climate Change - Impact on World Peace

Oct 3rd, 2020, 12:45 pm - 02:00 pm

MIT-WPU Students Climate Change - Impact on World Peace

The session consisted of a question and answer round in which the numerous students of MIT-WPU were asked questions pertaining to climate change and how we can stem this seemingly irreversible trend. Many other questions pertaining to greenhouse gases, recycling, the importance of sustainability among others were posed to the students who gamely gave excellent answers which were rife with pragmatic and workable solutions. It indeed was a hearty moment to see that the next generation to inherit the earth are so well informed and show such acumen at such a young age. Among the speakers were Kajol Ghatode, Tanisha Acharya, Taniya Rao, Shrishti Kumar, Vamini Jain, Saylee Raut, Aatisha S P, Pranay Karkale and Harshit Sushil Pandey. The chief guest of the session was the well known bodybuilder Mr Darasing Khurana who also had a few lovely words for the impact of climate change and how to cope with it.

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