Session 7

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Prof. Sachchidanand Mishra

Member Secretary, ICPR, Professor, Philosophy & Religion,  Banaras Hindu University, India

Sachchidananda Mishra is a Varanasi-based Sanskrit scholar. He is a professor of Philosophy and Religion at the Banaras Hindu University. He was awarded the Maharshi Badrayan Vyas Award for Sanskrit for the year 2009 by Pratibha Patil, the then President of India.

He specializes in Indian philosophy and Sanskrit grammar. Prof. Mishra has edited and authored seven books, which include:
Vedāntasāra of Sadānanda with the Bālabodhinī commentary of Āpadeva and the Bālavyutpattivardhinī Hindi commentary
Mānasollāsa with the Mānasollāsavardhinī commentary by Ānanda Kṛṣṇa Śāstrī
Nyāyadarśana Meṃ Anumāna
Vyutpattivāda with a detailed introductory commentary in Hindi

Prof. Balaganapathi Devarakonda

Prof. & Head, Department of Philosophy, University of Delhi, India

Prof. Balaganapathi Devarakonda teaches Philosophy at the Department of Philosophy, University of Delhi. His interests are Philosophical Counseling, Early Buddhism, and Historiography of Indian Philosophy. Along with teaching and research, he is also a certified Philosophical Practitioner by American Philosophy Practitioners Association, New York. 

His present concern is to popularise Philosophical Practice in its various forms in India by digging them out from the Classical Indian tradition and simultaneously borrowing them from the Western and other eastern traditions.

He has published widely on various aspects of Indian philosophy, Social and Political Philosophy and Buddhism. His publications include, Buddhist Sects of Andhra (2020, Springer Briefs in Religious Studies series), Revisiting Dana: A response to Eurocentric Approaches (2020), and Hinduism in Thailand.

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Mr. Siddhant Rishi Prabhakar

Founder & Director Prabhakar’s organization, Mumbai

“A “natural” successor to Guruji’s knowledge and wisdom, Siddhant attempts to motivate the youth by bringing in change in their consciousness through his inherent spiritual cognition and RPIF’s offering. A well-educated entrepreneur and a modern day skilled practitioner, Siddhant is an aspiring World Leader, who wishes to connect to the future of our nation – today’s youth.

Through RPIF he endeavours to promote the awakening of human potential along with a holistic development of life in particular.

Siddhant continues to widen the cherished family legacy through RPIF, as he aims to promote human potential along with a celebration of treasured spiritual values.

Dr. Preeti Kohli

Founding Members & Director at The Aha Movement, Mumbai

Dr. Preeti Kohli, B.H.M.S has been a consulting Homoeopathic Physician for over 20 years and a Transformational Coach for over 11 years. She currently serves as one of the Founding Members & Director at The Aha Movement. Through her work, she has touched thousands of lives and has successfully conducted over 200 workshops in alternative healing therapies. She was introduced to meditation and mindfulness at the age of 15.


Her keen interest to understand the body-mind-soul connect and help people grow holistically led her towards learning and practicing other root cause therapies like Past Life Regression, Inner Child Healing, Re-birthing Breathwork, and Family Constellation. One of her passions is to work with parents and kids. She also volunteers to teach meditation for children at schools through the Soul Science Foundation.

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Dr. Ritu Gairola Khanduri

Associate Professor of Cultural Anthropology

University of Texas at Arlington, USA

Dr. Ritu Gairola Khanduri is a cultural anthropologist, historian and educator who specializes in media, politics, digital pedagogy, globalization, diversity, gender and Asian studies. She is a Fulbright 2020-2021 Research Scholar and Educause Scholar (2021) and has a strong interest in higher-ed leadership, management and JEDI.

Her research, publications and teaching focus on media, Gandhi, science education, globalization and South Asia, specifically in the contexts of colonial and contemporary India, and the Indian Diaspora. She is the author of Caricaturing culture in India: Cartoons and history in the modern world (Cambridge University Press, 2014).

Dr. Khanduri has contributed to community school events, World Affairs Councils the Portrait of India program, and Dr. Seriffs NEH funded project on immigration in Texas. She believes public engagement with anthropology can enrich the discipline as well as enhance public awareness of cultural issues.